Soleil Extra - experts in solar panels and electricity self consumption

A customised solution based on your needs...

Offre 1: Total re-sell


All of my production is sold directly to EDF.

I earn an additional source of revenue.

Offre 2: Self consumption + re-sale


I produce and consume a clean source of energy.

My appliances run on free electricity.

I sell what I don't use back to EDF.

Offre 3: 100% Self-Consumption


I stock the electricity that I produce, and consume it when I want.

I am no longer impacted by the ever-increasing electricity costs.

Soleil Extra accompanies you from A to Z, in 5 easy steps

1. Understand your needs


Free Study

  • To learn more about the offer of Soleil Extra, you choose a free study, without any obligation, as indicated on the Soleil Extra website

  • With you, Soleil Extra arranges a time to present the solution best adapted to your needs

  • During the meeting, Soleil Extra confirms the final technical details of your house and explains your eligibility for the different subsidies available to you

  • You are now informed about the different possible options to meet your needs, and have what you need to decide what suits you best. 

  • Soleil Extra now analyses and optimises the technical and economic feasibility of the solution

  • Soleil Extra compiles all the garanties and the quote. A second meeting is agreed to present the final solutions in its entirety  

  • If you accept the offer, Soleil Extra passes directly to the treatment of all administrative aspects and the planning of the installation

2. Present the optimised solution


3. Prepare and plan the installation


  • Soleil Extra commits to the smooth and efficient installation of your system: ordering the parts, the administration aspects, and the planning of the installation.

  • With your agreement, Soleil Extra defines the exact dates for the installation

  • The team of Soleil Extra arrives at your place at the agreed time. The installation starts and the professionals get to work.

  • Soleil Extra keeps you informed during of the progress of the installation and puts all the resources in place to meet the scheduled deadline

  • With you, Soleil Extra arranges the meeting for you to accept the completed work. This marks the end of the installation. From this point onwards, all the guarantees for parts and labour come into effect.

4. Install and validate the system


5. Benefit from an energy that is already there


  • Thanks to the solution of Soleil Extra, your project is now completed

  • You are covered by guarantees for parts and labour, and you have access to a dedicated account providing you with real-time consumption and production data

  • You now produce energy that is clean and abundant, and that pays for itself. Congratulations! 

Make the right decision with the help of a free study...


Choice of components

Production & Profitability

Subsidies & Taxation 

Quote & Guarantees